Teresa Saia

Top: Cunningham, Bottom: Ditterbrandt






Team - Landscapes in Pastels

September 15-16-17-18-19
All Levels


Team Judith and Ellen are back! This 5-day intensive is a great opportunity to experience two great instructors, who have very different styles and approaches to painting the landscape. The first 2 days Ellen will focus on how you can learn to infuse your landscapes with a sense of passion and drama with color. Learn how to use the layering of vivid colors to enhance a good composition. By exploring different color combinations you will learn to use color as an interlocking tapestry with the forms found in landscape. Judith will follow-up in the next 2 days with a focus on those skills necessary to master a strong composition, with emphasis on drawing, contrast and the use of simple shapes to convey drama. She will teach you to ‘look’ for the unconventional in subject matter and lighting while guiding you toward developing a personal style of landscape painting.  When not teaching, each instructor will be working on a painting of their own, so that you may observe their process from start to finish. The last day will be taught jointly.

Judith Cunningham has been a pastel artist since 1985 and is a member of the Northwest Pastel Society. Ellen Dittebrandt has been working in pastels since 1978. Both artists have won numerous awards, are included in many private and corporate collections and have appeared in the Pastel Journal. They live and work in Hood River, Oregon, where the environment never ceases to inspire them.

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