Teresa Saia






Sticks - Color Play and a Meditative Approach

August 17-18-19
All Levels
$265 + Materials Fee

This intensive 3-day workshop with Anne will focus on the basics of working with Oil sticks.  Oil sticks, a somewhat challenging medium, are oil paint in stick form with some added wax.  Layering with these crayon-like sticks can provide a beautiful intensity of color and wonderful depth, much like tube oil paint, but with a unique texture all it’s own. The medium takes time and patience, so you will be working on multiple pieces to facilitate the various steps involved. The imagery Anne encourages is abstract or symbolic in nature as opposed to realistic or pre-drawn work. Class time will also include discussions on the creative process and making space for painting: in daily life, the physical environment and the spirit.  The use of poetry and music as aids to the creative process will also be introduced, enhancing the whole experience of combining the physical understanding of the materials with the more meditative mysterious parts of painting and our desire to make art.

Anne Martin McCool is a self-taught artist living in Anacortes, Washington, where she has the McCool Gallery and Studio.  She is an intuitive colorist who experiments constantly, combining materials and media to create her richly layered, highly pigmented, color saturated abstract paintings. Inspired by her travels and the landscape, Anne’s paintings have been exhibited in national as well as international venues including Japan, Ireland, France and New Zealand.  For more information about Anne, visit her website at: www.mccoolart.com