Teresa Saia






The use of pastel in Exploring Vision

June 13-14-15
All Levels


This unique workshop is part art history and part exploration into spontaneous expression. Diane will begin by showing and reviewing artist’s work done since the 1900’s in Europe and America for the purpose of understanding our own vision and how it is shaped by what we have already seen. Next she will work with the class to discover ways of ‘seeing’ that might be more immediate and exist outside the traditional modes. Through a series of painting exercises, Diane will guide you as you learn how to tap into the individual potential each of us has, that can then be expressed visually.

This is a rare opportunity for any artist who desires to increase their knowledge of art history and gain an understanding of the basics of abstraction. Regardless of your painting style, Diane offers tools that can enhance the non-image areas of any painting as well as techniques that will allow you to become more expressive in your mark making.

Diane Townsend received her BFA from Indiana University and her MFA from Queens College. She has had numerous one-person and group exhibitions and has taught art for many years. She has been making her own pastels since 1971 and is the sole force behind Diane Townsend Artist’s Pastels. For more information about Diane, visit her website: